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Keyed to the opening of the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas, recently there has been a concerted public relations surge designed to rehabilitate the reputation of the ignorant and malignant ‘43’—soft-ball interviews in which he refuses to talk politics (out of respect for his successor, apparently [yeah, right!]), ‘leaked’ pictures of the dick painting cutesy little dog pictures, him as the ever-lovin’ granddaddy, and, of course, George surrounded by all the undead occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, all of whom—because of the nature of the event—have to say nice things about 43 and his legacy. (The blowhard clown even tears-up delivering his lines at the institution’s dedication ceremony—right at the bit where he says with fervor how much he loves America.) It’s being put about that George W’s approval rating with Americans is now at 47%, which, at the present moment—five years on from the end of his disastrous reign—puts it on a par with President Obama’s! It is even being spun that there is a growing nostalgia for the good ole days of Bush II.

My hairy ass! I don’t believe a damn word of it: I don’t believe that 47% of people in the United States remember with approval those terrible years, years which will resonate malignantly for a generation—Americans will be cleaning up the Bush-Cheney mess, in economic terms, into the 2020s, and ditto in terms of multi-trillion-dollar national debt, and most definitely vis-à-vis the negative impact of the administration’s foreign policy. And I don’t believe for one second that there is (or ever will be) any ‘nostalgia’ for the free-wheeling, Jesus-loving, water-boarding, carpet-bombing, mispenetrated compassionate conservatism of ‘W’ and his cynical cronies.

It is painfully obvious that this whole PR drive is aimed at detoxifying the Bush brand in a pre-play for Jeb Bush’s 2016 run (in which, presumably, he will be accompanied by his little Sancho Panza running mate from Florida)—yet, disgracefully, mass media organizations eagerly take the feed, sucking up the highly processed and liquidized muck and re-presenting it without reflection or comment or health-warning. The idea of a third Bush in the White House is so depressing—which, if it comes to pass, will be four decades in a row in which there will have been a Bushman in the wheelhouse of the executive branch of the United States’ government!

“Fool me once, . . . shame on . . . shame on you . . . fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”

If it plays out for the military-industrial corporations and billionaire barons bankrolling it all, nothing will illustrate the bought character of American political system so fully, and nothing so perfectly signify the devolution of the United States as a meaningful political project.

Meanwhile, for me, this little video herewith (above) is one of the items I’d use to characterize 43’s unregulated terror-mongering reign.