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‘Common People’ by PULP, Brit pop and all that from the mid 1990s. Wonderful song, clever, and excellent (arty) pop video. That dawn—the time leading up to the election of Tony Blair and New Labour, and for a little while thereafter—was an amazing episode in the British story, a time of hope and humor and anticipated change (for the better). But, in fact, it was all just a con, the same old super-valu muck re-packaged & re-branded. The clue was in the brand name: New Labour, New Day, New Daz, New Moon, New Dawn, New Look, New Testament, New Man, . . . (old dog) New Tricks. Amazing to reflect that it was all nearly 20 years ago, back when I was still young (ish). Kids conceived then (o ecstasy) are leaving secondary school today and getting their shit together to go to some Asda college in Shagshire, and getting into debt to the tune of tens of thousands to pay for the privilege. And Smiley Blair, meanwhile, is now on the ex-world leaders’ imperial barge, enjoying the rosey fruit of his labour in the gritty London Fields, commanding his New York-based hundred-million-dollar (bloody) Blair Foundation, whilst we here drink and curse and screw as roaches climb the walls in this  fuck-hutch provincial estate where once he was governor. David Cameron, the present incumbent of the black house on Downing Street, by the by, the leader of the Conservative Party—which he is trying to reform into ‘New Conservatives’—, refers to Blair as ‘the Master’. Why do we vote for these people? Why do we fall for their tarted-up crap time after time, like some Friday-night poke in a 10-dollar niteclub? And Barack Obama, it turns out, has essayed up corresponding story-lines for consumers of the American soap—I dropped my knickers for his slick shtick too.