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Reblogging this post by Arran Q Henderson because this is the post that inspired me to do a blog of my own—I was following Arran’s blog by way of email updates—and also because I was inspired by this post to walk this walk, which I did yesterday (Wed., 24 July 2013), something I really recommend, about 2 hours worth. In a following post I’m going to add my own tuppence worth which is meant as a supplement to this Arran post because, as you’ll see when you get to the end, the batteries for Arran’s camera gave out just as he was approaching the Bailey Lighthouse, and so I thought I’d do the walk and supply the missing pics (which you will find in ‘Summer in Dublin, part 4’ on The Wordkern Archive [Arran’s Howth post will be ‘part 3’ in my ‘Summer in Dublin’ series]). Perry O’D.

Arran Q Henderson


On of the best walks near Dublin is the circumnavigation of the Howth peninsula.  I love to do the entire 360 circuit, and prefer it anti-clockwise, if you like, as you begin on the south-facing side and so catch more sun.

Just leave the car at and start walking somehwere between the modern church near Sutton cross and Sutton dinghy club and get going.  Sutton Cross incidentally must be one of the few crossroads in Europe where you can go straight forward and be on the sea, turn both left or right and both are by the sea, or even head back where you came, and still be on the sea.  All four directions, sea.  This seemed logically impossible to me for a very long time,  my brain refused to accept it.  But its true.  Anyway,  I digress.

There are a lot of really nice houses to enjoy.   Look at this lovely art deco classic below.

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