This is me three weeks ago, the day I started my just juice diet

I’ve gotten seriously overweight in middle age. All my adult life I’ve been 10 or 11 stone (140 to 160 lbs / 64 to 70 kgs), and not fluctuating within that range either: stable at 11 stone (155 lbs) for years and then stable at 11.5 (160 lbs) for years and so on—so much so that I never bothered to weigh myself at all most of the time.

At a guess, I would say that between the ages of 18 and 38 I probably did not weigh myself more than 20 times altogether, if that.

Just before turning forty I made a few changes in the way I was living—quit smoking and drinking and such like—and ever since slowly the weight has been creeping on. I didn’t get fat suddenly—in my mid-40s I walked from one side of Spain to the other (walking 15 or 20 miles a day)—I remained active if not exactly fit. But still the weight kept creeping on—in fact, part of the reason I did that Spanish walk was to take a stick to the fat situation.

It didn’t work: the fat just kept on coming like an incoming tide. (Exercise on it’s own won’t cut it. You gotta deal with the incoming.)

Earlier this summer I touched 18 stone (252 lbs/114 kgs)!

Now that the postcards book is done—which has kept me desk-bound for a long time—I’ve decided to really get stuck into this mess. Eighteen stone is simply unacceptable! At the present time there is a Giant Panda in the zoo in Edinburgh about to give birth, and recently there was a report about it on the BBC (it’s August, they’re stretching for news stories!), anyway, in the course of the report the reporter said that the pregnant Panda was over 100 kgs.

At the beginning of August I was 114 kgs!—my God, I thought, I’m heavier than a giant Panda which is about to drop a giant Panda pup!!


Lunch: juice this lot and get it down you (6 kale leaves, 4 celery stalks, 1 cucumber, 2 green apples, a lemon and a thumb of ginger)

So inspired by the Joe Crosse film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is up on YouTube—97 mins) I decided to go on a Just Juice diet.

GreenFor three weeks now I’ve consumed virtually nothing but juiced fruit, juiced veg, nuts, and water. And that’s it.

I’ve lost a stone and a half (18 lbs) in three weeks!

The first week was really difficult: I was cranky as an addict without his junk (and stayed in bed for most of the time). But the second week was great: I wasn’t hungry at all, to my amazement, and got an amazing burst of energy. This week is good too (eating so little seems almost normal now).

I really feel so much better: my skin looks really well (so people keep telling me), my eyes are very bright, and I’m loving walking—which I do with much more vigour and confidence and drive.

Confronting situations such as this is very empowering, and positively impacts on many other aspects of one’s life. I recommend it.

By the way, I’m not seeking to crow about my success at all, believe me—I do not want to lest it all come crashing down in a mess of chocolate pancakes and streaky bacon with maple syrup. Indeed, I was not planning to blog about this Fat-Fighting campaign—however, I haven’t done a blog post in over a week and I’ve had no views on my blog all day today (and only 5 yesterday), so it’s time I did a blog-post, and this is all I can think to blog about because this is all I’m up to at the present time.