Just discovered this guy (Benjamin Clementine); what a find! Born in  London in 1988 but ran away to Paris as a teenager. Lived rough on the streets of Paris for a while before being discovered and making a name for himself in music and art circles. Returned to London and recorded his first recordings Cornerstone (EP), Glorious You (EP), and At Least for Now (2015). Winner of the Mercury Music Prize, 2015.

Performing here (above) at a Burberry menswear show, January 2016. Love the way the fashionistas are torn between the show they came to see (and be seen at) and this marvellous creature at the piano (like a reincarnation of Dr Simone).

And this (below) is the first piece of BC music I heard; a little clip of him singing this — the title track from the Cornerstone album — featured on a programme on BBC Radio 4 (a reflection on solitude and creativity), and as soon as I heard it I thought “Who the fuck is that?” and started Googling.

And, finally, a short report for Channel 4 News